Saturday, September 13, 2008

Drive Day 3

drove through about 3 hours worth of thick, blinding fog in Oklahoma/Texas this morning. we realized that our boys in The Ghost Inside were gonna be passing us on I-40 going the opposite direction so we got to chill out with our boys for few. If you get a chance go check them out. they have a new record out and are on the "Party Til Ya Puke" tour w/ Bury Your Dead and For The Fallen Dreams right now so go hit that up. were passing Las Vegas in about an hour and next time this page is updated we should be IN the studio doing pre production on these songs. here are some working titles as of right now are:

All Dreams Go To Hell
Wrathful & Sullen

we'll see what happens. get into it


PS: prescriptions running low. need some california medical attention


not890 said...

showing support for endwell from west mass ordered revenge is a healthy motive about a month ago from cd universe and it is a great cd i always like homeland insecuritys but love that endwell seems heavier and more brutal i cant pick a fav song off any of your two cds because there isnt one bad song on either edwell is sick end of story you have plenty of fans in west mass who need to see endwell live so when booking for your tour dont forget about the springfield/holoyke/amherst/hartford area we just want at least one concert in one of those 4 places peace

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited you guys are in LA! I'm from westchester, NY and one of your old members' dad is friends with my mom haha. I got a lott of your stuff. You guys are fucking sickkk. I'm psyched I can see you guys out here, I miss all of my favorite NY bands =]