Thursday, September 11, 2008


So its almost midnight and were cruising through New Jersey about an
hour into our drive. we should be hitting Undercity Studios in North
Hollywood on Saturday night.
No one in this band has ever been more excited/confident in making a
record before then we are now. Were going to be recording 14 or 15 songs
and maybe a cover. 3 songs will be re-recorded off the "Revenge" EP and
the other dozen or so are the easily the best material we've ever
written. we truly cannot wait for everyone out there to hear it.
so far on the ride we've been jamming out on some King Diamond (Kareoke
style) New Have Heart jam <3
And dustin is serenading us with his own soulful vocals over an
instrumental version of BTBAM's Alaska.
1 blunt down about 10 more to go...
oh yea the album is called "Consequences"
you can't find a better word to fit this record.
we'll be updating this thing everyday.
sometimes numerous times a day. get into it
also were posting a new song VERY SOON called "Weed Out The Weak"

Stay Up,

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